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Understanding of business and types of business

Business Marketing

Within the company, marketing is one of the divisions that has an important task in determining the progress of a company. However, the marketing division cannot stand alone, there are still relationships with other divisions within the company such as the research, production, development, human resources, and finance divisions.

Business Plan

Determine the type of business

The first way to start a business is to determine the type of business you will manage.

Make a budget

In determining how to start a business for beginners, you certainly need financial records. Therefore, it is important for you to make a budget first before starting to carry out a comprehensive business plan regarding operational workflows

Do your research

After determining the type of business you want, how to start a business, the next thing you need to do is research so you know about the ins and outs of the type of business you will run.

Prepare capital

After you have a final budget, it's time to prepare capital. In carrying out the steps on how to start this business, make sure you have savings for business capital first


The process of financial reporting, which is often referred to as the bookkeeping process, is an important process in running an online business. This process will record all financial information from expenses to income. Usually, novice businessmen are often confused between the amount of income and business expenses. By having financial reports, you can obtain detailed financial information for the business you are running and as an important reference in making decisions for the future.

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