Can You Prevent Telehealth Fraud?

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Alphatec Holdings’ (NASDAQ:ATEC) growing losses don’t faze investors as the stock hikes 11% this past week

Buying shares in the best businesses can build meaningful wealth for you and your family. And we’ve seen some truly amazing gains over the years. For example, the Alphatec Holdings,... Read more »

New Baby? Time to Update Your Estate Plan

We often have clients ask us when the best time to do their estate plan is and the answer is usually, right now! This is especially true for people turning 18... Read more »

Small Business – The Greenville Advocate

NEW YORK, May 27, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Faruqi & Faruqi, LLP, a leading national securities law firm, is investigating potential claims against Eqonex Ltd. (“Eqonex” or... Read more »

Remarriage and Estate Planning – Rickard & Associates

If you are getting remarried, it is essential to understand your spouse’s inheritance rights.

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BuzzFeed News shutters amid digital media reckoning

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Is Your Compliance Plan Protecting You?

Healthcare compliance plans are essential to ensure your practice is following the law. Your compliance plan can keep your practice out of trouble.

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What is a Power of Attorney?

Many of our clients have heard of the powers of attorney, but do not know what they actually entail.

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Is Your Practice Fraudulently Billing?

Most of our clients would obviously answer ‘no’, however, some providers are submitting bills incorrectly and could be subjecting themselves to hefty fines.

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France Payroll Employment Stays Stable In Q4

After seven quarters of expansion, France’s payroll employment remained unchanged at the end of the year as weak economic activity dampened job creation particularly in market services, flash data... Read more »