Canada’s inflation rate now at 7.7% — its highest point since 1983

Canada’s inflation rate rose at its fastest pace in almost 40 years in the year up to May, as the price of just about everything continues to go up fast.

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Can You Prevent Telehealth Fraud?

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Terminating Your Physician Employment Agreement

Many of our physician clients are unaware of their termination rights prior to meeting with us.

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What is an Irrevocable Trust?

A trust is an estate planning tool that allows a person to control their assets during their lifetime and make provisions for incapacity and death. Many trusts are revocable, however, irrevocable... Read more »

The Dangers of the EHR

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Top 5 Reasons Not to Have an Estate Plan

We often hear many reasons why people do not have an estate plan or why they are putting off creating their estate plan.

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What is a Medical Power of Attorney?

One document that we recommend for almost all of our estate planning clients is a Medical Durable Power of Attorney. This document allows you to select the person who will make... Read more »

Adams County residents are owed close to $9M. Check to see if you have money waiting

Roughly $8.6 million of unclaimed property is owed to Adams County residents, according to Pennsylvania Treasury press secretary Samantha Heckel.

Unclaimed property includes dormant bank accounts, uncashed checks, forgotten stocks and insurance policies... Read more »

I Don’t Have an Estate Plan…Right?

Whether or not you have a written estate plan, you do have an estate plan. The laws of the state in which you reside will make decisions about your estate if... Read more »

Is Your Compliance Plan Protecting You?

Healthcare compliance plans are essential to ensure your practice is following the law. Your compliance plan can keep your practice out of trouble.

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