Adams County residents are owed close to $9M. Check to see if you have money waiting

Roughly $8.6 million of unclaimed property is owed to Adams County residents, according to Pennsylvania Treasury press secretary Samantha Heckel.

Unclaimed property includes dormant bank accounts, uncashed checks, forgotten stocks and insurance policies as well as tangible property like jewelry and valuables stored in abandoned safe deposit boxes and military decorations and memorabilia.

To see if you have money waiting, search the Treasury’s unclaimed property at The process to claim can be started online as well.

According to a press release from the Pennsylvania Treasury, over $211 million was returned in 2022 throughout the Commonwealth with more than $4 billion waiting to be claimed.

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Tangible property may be auctioned off by the Treasury after three years of searching for the rightful owner, and all auction proceeds are available in perpetuity for the rightful owner to claim.

Military decorations and memorabilia are never auctioned. Over 500 military decorations remain in the Treasury’s vault.

Anyone wanting to help the Treasury in finding rightful owners for military decorations can visit

Daniel Larlham Jr. is a reporter for the Lebanon Daily News. Reach him at [email protected] or on Twitter @djlarlham

This article originally appeared on Hanover Evening Sun: Pa Treasury holds unclaimed property for Adams County residents

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