Are You Prepared for Russian Ransomware?

Are You Prepared for Russian Ransomware?

Recently, a health network in Pennsylvania was hacked by a Russian ransomware gang called BlackCat.

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BlackCat attacked a physician practice in Pennsylvania, but did not disrupt healthcare operations.

A ransomware payment was demanded, but refused by the healthcare system.

Sensitive information was accessed and the health system revealed the attack itself.

Is your practice prepared for a potential attack?

Does your staff know how to respond to a demand for ransomware? Is your healthcare data secure.

If not, now is the time to prepare.

Ransomware attacks continue to plague the healthcare system.

You need to make sure that your data is secure and your practice is protected against vulnerabilities.

How can you protect your practice against vulnerabilities?

Test your systems.

Know what security you have in place and make sure it is all up to date.

Look for any vulnerable areas and find out how best to patch them.

Make sure your policies, procedures and plans are accurate for your systems. They need to be truly representative of what actions you will take to protect your practice.

Train your employees on your policies and procedures.

All employees should be familiar with your breach readiness and response plans. Knowing how to act in the event of a breach can save your practice.

Your backups need to be secure to ensure that your data is safe.

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