Securities Administrators’ new business plan show devotion to preserving investor confidence: lawyer

Securities Administrators’ new business plan show devotion to preserving investor confidence: lawyer

The CSA’s business plan would address emerging market issues and trends by finalizing climate change-related disclosure requirements, considering diversity disclosure and related governance issues, building regulatory capacity for emerging digital business models, and continuing to develop a comprehensive oversight, compliance and enforcement regime for crypto asset trading platforms. In addition, it would explore the regulatory implications of stablecoins in the capital markets, including their use in connection with crypto asset trading.

The CSA also seeks to monitor ESG-related investment fund disclosure. The business plan would address market abuse and offensive promotional activity in venture markets and enhance enforcement through improving technology and analytical capacity.

The CSA seeks to deliver responsive regulation protecting investors while reducing the regulatory burden by streamlining continuous disclosure requirements for non-investment fund issuers, developing an alternative offering system for well-known Canadian seasoned issuers and implementing the access model for corporate issuers and investment funds. In addition, the CSA would modernize the prospectus filing system for investment funds and continuous disclosure for investment funds.

Finally, the CSA seeks to promote integrity & financial stability through effective market oversight by finalizing and implementing Over The Counter (OTC) derivatives framework, monitoring the use of the Canadian Dollar Offered Rate (CDOR) in derivatives transactions, assessing the listing function of exchanges and analyzing developments in short selling and assessing whether regulatory changes are needed.

The business plan also includes overseeing issues relating to the Canadian Dollar Offered Rate (CDOR), initiating public consultation regarding Canadian real-time market equities data, and reviewing the rules regarding special transactions and the early warning reporting regime.